Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya
In the slum district outside Nairobi a group of volunteers is trying to maintain a safe social environment for orphan children. Some of these volunteers are orphans themselves and know everything about being hungry and the dangers regarding hunger, crime, drugs and aids.
This group of volunteers called Kamunkunji Human Rights Defenders (KHRD) gets in touch with many orphans in their neighborhood. They spend time with them and arrange activities in order to stimulate there everyday life. They see how the children struggle to survive and how they are lacking everything in life, both physically and psychologically. Most of these children lack basic needs.

The objective for the project is:
1. To provide learning opportunities for children whom are orphans, so they can grow up with maximum learning capacity.
2. To make a safe and secure childhood for those children implemented.
3. To encourage the improvement of public awareness toward young children’s needs in health, education, social and intellectual development.
4. To make it possible for the children implemented to get a good education.

RCF has agreed to finance the building of above mentioned orphanage and its equipment needed, such as cooking utensils, toys, bed linen, hygiene products etc.