Children’s book library in Kapong.
RCF is now building a children’s book library in cooperation with The Thai Wisdom Association (TWA). The library is located in the Kapong district north of Khao Lak, Thailand. This is a very poor agriculture district with thousands of children living there as a result of the Tsunami.
When the Tsunami struck the families moved inland in order to support themselves when the tourist economy went bust along the coast.

The goal with the project is to create a curiosity in the art of reading among the very young children, and also give the older children the tools they need to practice reading. This way the children have the opportunity to help themselves to a good education and a better future.

The head library will distribute children’s books to all institutions working with children such as schools, nurseries orphans homes and other places were children spend there day, the books will rotate to all these places.
RCF is also financing the pedagogic education for all staff working with children and teaching them how to use books as a tool in every day activities in order to stimulate reading.

All books are without political and religious propaganda.

Total cost for the project during the first two years is 125 000 US $