The fishing boat building project
The northern parts of Khao Lak are the areas where the damages were most devastating. This is also where the local income was based on fishing. Because of the Tsunami the fishing boats were destroyed and as a result of that, the source of income disappeared.
Though this project we can help the villagers to build new boats and by doing this also to give the fishermen a way to support their families again.

The project is managed through local authorities and financed by Ragnar`s Care Foundation. The boatyard is located the Kuraburi area north of Khao Lak. We have 11 contracts to build long tail boats witch is the local design of fishing boats. Every boat is build together with the fisherman who will use it and he will build his boat together with the workers from the boatyard.
One fishing boat will put between 3-4 fishermen back to work with wages which can feed and benefit up to 4 families (with an average of 4-5 family members).
The approximate price of one fishing boat which includes materials (prices are increasing daily due to the high demand of all building materials), engine, and labor is 130,000 baht (3 400$).
In helping this project you are helping the people of Phang-Nga regain a piece of normality in their lives so they have, once again, the opportunity to prosper and support their families.