Little Hand Art Project.
Ten months after the Tsunami things are changing. The need for therapy through art is decreasing since the children now have to focus on more positive things. Out of the 3500 people living in the Bang Muang camp only a few remains. The big majority has now moved out to more permanent accommodations or to family and friends. This means that the camp no longer is the natural meeting point for the children.

Ms Chatchada who has managed the therapy program has now resigned from the Duang Prateep Foundation in order to carry on the work of bringing art to children in her own organisation called The Little Hand Art Foundation. Ms Chatchada is moving her quarters to the nearest town and will use this as base from which she will visit schools in the Pang-Nga district (Khao Lak and surrounding areas). From there she will go to the different schools and arrange art and music activities for the children, not as “Tsunami therapy” but to give the children the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves with art and music. In this way she can reach a larger group of children, not only children affected by the Tsunami but also others will benefit from this initiative. The program will start at the end of November when the children are back after the summer holidays. The first school will be the Ban Nam Kem School and Ms Chatchada´s intention is that about 3000 children attending different schools will benefit from the activities during the first 6 months.

The schools taking part in the program will not pay fore the activities which will make it possible for many schools to connect to the program in spite of their financial status. The activities will hopefully be fully financed through donations and sponsorship.

Ragnar´s Care Foundation means that it is every child’s right to have the possibility to enjoy themselves with colours and paint, using their fantasy and creativity. RCF will continue to support the art program during this new phase.