Children’s book library in Kapong.
RCF is now building a children’s book library in cooperation with The Thai Wisdom Association (TWA). The library is located in the Kapong district north of Khao Lak, Thailand. This is a very poor agriculture district with thousands of children living there as a result of the Tsunami.
Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya
In the slum district outside Nairobi a group of volunteers is trying to maintain a safe social environment for orphan children. Some of these volunteers are orphans themselves and know everything about being hungry and the dangers regarding hunger, crime, drugs and aids.
The fishing boat building project
The northern parts of Khao Lak are the areas where the damages were most devastating. This is also where the local income was based on fishing. Because of the Tsunami the fishing boats were destroyed and as a result of that, the source of income disappeared.
Little Hand Art Project.
Ten months after the Tsunami things are changing. The need for therapy through art is decreasing since the children now have to focus on more positive things. Out of the 3500 people living in the Bang Muang camp only a few remains. The big majority has now moved out to more permanent accommodations or to family and friends. This means that the camp no longer is the natural meeting point for the children.