Children’s library in Kapong district.
Ragnar´s last farewell
A three day acoustic fundraiser for RCF
About twenty musicians where gathered on a local establishment called Resepten Pub.
Children running for children.
More than 300 children ran through the town of Narvik for the cause of Ragnar`s Care Foundation.
Fishing Boat Project
In the end of February 11 fishing boats where ready for delivery.
Fishing boat project in Khao Lak
This pictures show howe the boats in the Fishing boat project in Khao Lak are made.
Some pictures of Ragnar as we remember him.
Living in the camps
Housing the homeless after the tsunami has become better. From tents to barracks..
Children`s Art therapy Program
Children’s Art Therapy Program gives the children the opportunity to express there sorrow and traumatic experiences by using colour, canvas music and dancing.
The village of Ban Nam Kem
One of the Thai villages hardest damaged by the Tsunami is Ban Nam Kem. The pictures show some of the devastation.
Childrens Paintings Khao Lak
These are some of the paintings made by the children in the Children`s Art Therapy Program. The children are 3- 16 years old.